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IEP Review & Analysis

If you are concerned about whether your child's IEP or 504 Plan meets their needs. Now you can have your child's IEP, evaluations, and students' records reviewed and analyzed by an educational advocate. These reviews will analyze critical federal and state compliance requirements along with the appropriateness of the proposed plan.

Pathways Special Education Advocacy is now offering an IEP Review and Analysis service. This is a formal written analysis of an existing or proposed IEP or 504 plan.

Level 1: (60 minutes)

This is the basic review where the advocate reviews the components of the IEP, analyzing educational compliance and the effectiveness of the proposed goals.

Level 2: (90 minutes)

This IEP Review also includes a review of all evaluations and an analysis of whether the IEP appropriately reflects the results of the evaluations.

Level 3: (120 minutes)

This is a full review and analysis of the IEP, evaluations, FBA/BIP, and other related educational documents. This is the most advantageous level of the review and analysis process.

After the review has been completed, a free consultation is available with the advocate to answer any questions and to discuss any recommendations.

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